The Future Now | Modern, Stunning, and Modular Structural Steel Buildings

Alpha Cube is the revolutionary solution in modern architecture, it gives you the opportunity to build in various styles and configurations. We provide customized solutions to clients specific desire, with the ability to upgrade and expand in the future. Structural Steel Buildings are on the rise across the nation. Many of our competitors are making the structures with used containers, we DO NOT WORK with used containers, all of our models are build from scratch and are ISO 9000 rated. We use steel rigid frame and structural insulated panels to build  beautiful and efficient buildings. Alpha Cube operates under the innovative direction and vision of President and industry veteran, Jeffery Thorpe.

Structural Steel Buildings

Alpha Cube builds custom residential structural steel buildings that are strong, durable, movable, stack-able, sustainable, green, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Precision–engineered Factory-built Buildings

Our custom engineered framing system and innovative building process provides elegant design and superior performance qualities. We work with our clients throughout entire process to ensure that the system delivers the desired end product.

Commercial & Retail

Alpha Cube offers an extra-ordinary custom solution to build commercial offices, retail spaces, and store fronts using structural steel framing system. We will design, build and deliver your store or office quickly, this is the future of commercial construction.